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It's by far the best site with subtitles for anime. They mostly have decent quality subtitles done by fans. Many of them are not even available on other sites such as Opensubtitles.

There's a working plugin for Kodi: https://kodi-addons.club/addon/service.subtitles.animesub/

Please note that their search doesn't work with all series. I would appreciate using szukaj_old.php?pTitle=en&szukane=NAME as a fallback.

An example of a series that can't be found with the normal search:
http://animesub.info/szukaj.php?szukane=Another&pTitle=org - no results.
http://animesub.info/szukaj.php?szukane=Another&pTitle=en - no results too.
http://animesub.info/szukaj_old.php?pTitle=en&szukane=Another - found Another.

I would very appreciate adding this provider as getting subtitles for anime is not an easy task. Thanks!

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Comments: 1

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