"Excluded Tags" from filename

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Some of my videos have hardcoded subs and I would like to avoid to download unnecessary subtitles for them.

With the actual system (tags or "only Monitored" from radarr & sonnar) there's some troubles to handle them correctly:

- for the series: If I use the tag the whole serie is excluded (just for one episode) and if I use the only monitored option, other series that are not monitored are also excluded.
- for the movies the tag solution is usable but it still require to manually curating all my database

So, my solution would be to add an option to exclude based on part of the filename. Most of the time these file already have something like "VOST" or "hardcodedsub" in their filename...

Thank you for reading me, taking my request into consideration and especially for developing this tool.

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Comments: 5