Auto-download subs despite embedded subs of HI/SDH-variety in same language already being present

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Example situation: media has 'en:HI' (aka SDH) embedded. The language profile for this piece of media dictates that Bazarr must download non-HI English subs. However, because of the presence of embedded en:HI subs, Bazarr does nothing. It basically says 'English and en:HI are interchangeable'.

I disagree with that. For viewers with sufficiently functioning hearing, 'en:HI' subs can be distracting. I would like to see an option to treat these two kinds of subtitles the same way embedded German with an English language profile would be treated, i.e. different enough to warrant action on Bazarr's part.

A proposed solution to this was ignoring embedded subtitles, but this would lead to multiple same-language sub tracks when media are played.

A workaround is to manually download the desired subs in the Bazarr interface, but automation is one of the reasons why we use this application in the first place.

Thanks for reading.

Under consideration Suggested by: DarkwaterV3 Upvoted: 28 Dec, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0