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As the years go our sources have changed. Years ago most of our shows existed on either DVD, or HDTV. However nowadays we have blu-rays and web-dls. In my language (Greek), a huge majority of old shows (19xx-2010) only subs that exist are HDTV. Of course HDTV are not compatible with dvds, blu rays and web-dls, as they have breaks for commercials, lots of splits etc etc.

FFSubsync is a great tool, but even with that, HDTV subs cannot be synced properly in most cases, thus wether bazarr syncs them or not, they are always off.

For this reason, I would like to ask for a feature to be able to BAN certain keywords when looking/downloading subs. This way, we won't have to deal with HDTV subs for instance.

Thank you for your time.

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