Exclude "Season 0" (i.e extras) of all series

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Would really like a way to exclude all episodes from season 0 (also known as "extras) of all series.

I have them monitored in sonarr for the simple reason that i do want the extras, but i do not want them showing up as wanted in bazarr, since:

- dont need subs for the extras.
- theres almost never subtitles for the extras to be downloaded (at least not in my language)
So, some way of unchecking all of the extras (season 0) in bazzarr so they arent monitored (showing up in wanted) would be really neat!

it would, in my case, dramatically lower the scantimes since its over 3000 episodes of extras that it doesnt have to scan thru everytime. im betting it also would cause less strain on the API/subtitle providers and lower the chance of getting banned.


Under consideration Suggested by: nmbrg Upvoted: 23 Aug Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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