Treat forced subtitles as optional

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A lot of shows and movies can have non-english parts that require forced subtitles without you even realising beforehand. A good example of this is Anchorman, where Baxter barks and it gets subtitled.

Because of this, it is almost a necessity to set Bazarr to download forced subtitles by default for everything that gets added, because no one wants to have to manually find them once you're halfway through a show or movie.

When forced subtitles are requested, that show or movie perpetually remains in the list of wanted subtitles, which makes sense a lot of the time however it's unnecessary clutter when they're just waiting for forced subtitles.

My suggestion is to treat forced subtitles as more optional. Like a best effort. Maybe in the wanted tab to have a checkbox for "forced" so you can get rid of all the clutter and see which files actually need the other subtitles you were after too.

Under consideration Suggested by: Jo Upvoted: 15 May Comments: 7

Comments: 7